Monday, November 19, 2012


Pattern: Natalya by Jody Richards
Yarn: Lanoso Zerda 30% alpaca 70% dralon, 175 m per 100 g
DPNs: 4 mm

You know I had some misgivings concerning these gloves, but now that they are done, I'm quite happy with them. They match my boots perfectly, they are warm and comfortable, they even look good :)

This time I tried a new technique for closing the tips of the fingers - only one row of k2tog, to reduce the stitches to 6 sts. for all the fingers and to 8 sts. for the thumb, and then I grafted the stitches 3 by 3 and 4 by 4 for the thumb. For thick and coarse yarn like Zerda this was the perfect tip closure. And I also switched to 3.25 mm DPNs for the last two rows of the fingers.


  1. I really like these gloves - I'm glad you went ahead and finished them! They do look perfect with your boots!

  2. These are terrific gloves! They're perfect on you and with what you wear.