Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I've finished a few firsts.

The first cushion - yes, it's been decided the entrelac mitered square thing is going to be a pair of decorative (picnic?) cushions. Working on this project was fun and a study on color combinations. Apart from the obvious good pairs (red and yellow, pink and lilac, orange and canary), there were some surprising hits like orange and furn green or lilac and dark greenish grey. And a few obvious bad combinations, like pink and green, or lilac and fern green. It was also interesting to see how the colors chameleonized when paired. All in all, the observations might be useful for future reference when I'm knitting combo sweaters. I'm very pleased with how this project is turning out.

I'll have to plan a visit to COMO or IKEA these days to buy two decorative cushions 40x 40 cm, to come up with a suitable color for the border I-cord and to make the second cushion (not in my immediate plans actually).

The second single is a leg warmer. Cast this on three times, you know - the third time's the charm, the usual developments here - the first one was too wide, the second too tight, I think I got the third one right. I wonder if the other knitting folks out there unravel as much as I do or is it only me and my obsession with getting the things as perfect as possible? Am I to worry? Just kidding, there's nothing wrong with me (right?).
I know the cable is almost invisible on the black background, but still ... a k2p2 rib would have been too boring :) I've already cast on the second leg warmer, these will most probably be my next FO.

The third single is a glove and my inability to make a decision over this glove might actually be worrisome ... or ridiculous. Being a Libra is such a nuisance (eyes rolling :). As I mentioned before, I added fingers to a fingerless gloves pattern, which would have probably worked well (it did for three other people on Ravelry, who did the same), if the yarn was suitable for gloves. But it turns out thick coarse yarn produces rather rustic unflattering gloves.

So I keep on staring at these and still can't decide - shall I knit the second one or unravel the first and make something different, another pair of leg warmers or men's gloves? Hm, looking at the pictures, probably it isn't as bad as I thought and it's certainly very warm. OK, I think I'll make the second glove and be over with it :) Crazy, right?

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  1. I like the look of the gloves actually. I think legwarmers can be tricky b/c women's legs are shaped differently so thank goodness third time was the charm.

    1. Thank you! Finding the right width of the legwarmers is really difficult - they must not slide down the leg, yet there's a line, over which snugness turns into just too tight and uncomfortable. And it did take me a good 10 cm into the project every time to realize that my stitch number wasn't right :)

  2. i definitely think you should knit the other glove, they are gorgeous!!! your cushion cover is beautiful, and the colour combos are really pretty!! have a knitty wednesday x

  3. You have been incredibly busy. I love all your projects. The glove is amazing. It needs its mate.

  4. Cute post, I had to laugh :) I guess we all unravel just as much, it is just so frustrating that I try not to think about it, or talk about it, just incase that makes it happen again LOL!!! You guessed it I am kinda superstitious about that kinda stuff ;)
    Love all of your projects!

  5. I love the cushion cover! You totally got me inspired as well :)

  6. Everything looks great! I love the bright colors of your cushion color. They're gorgeous!

  7. I think the glove is fine. Love the color experiment with the blanket. A good way to have fun and try things out.

  8. the cabled legwarmers are AWESOME!! I love that they are in a basic color, and that they have the fun cable detail. your experiment in color combos is so cool looking too!