Monday, November 26, 2012


Here we go again ... this time to Vladaya. The village is on the northwestern parts of Vitosha, only some 13 km from Sofia and I am actually amazed that we've never been there before! The trail from Vladaya to Zlatnite mostove (the Golden bridges place) is gorgeous - easy to walk, very well kept and extremely beautiful even that late in autumn.

The trail runs along the Vladaya river and there are probably a dozen nice wooden bridges, resting places with log benches and shelters. We've only explored the main trail, but there were four or five detours to other spots and chalets, so we'll be visiting Vladaya again.

But not soon :(
The good news is, that although my left knee is killing me again after yesterday's walk, I've changed my orthopedist and I hope I've finally got the right diagnosis and treatment. The bad news - I've been strictly forbidden hiking routes, including descend - which makes climbing the mountain of Vitosha kind of tricky. So - no more hiking, probably for a month. Damn!

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