Saturday, December 1, 2012


Couldn't resist the urge to try some fair isle knitting again - this time fingerless mitts. I like Mary Jane Mucklestone's fair isle mitts and after a survey of my scraps of yarn I settled for the Muckle mitts.

My yarn is Merino De Luxe, 50% wool 50% acrylic, DPNS 3.25 mm.
The project is fun and quick, but the initial drive left me after I finished the first mitt. I just don't like it. The yarn is kind of wrong, the combination of dark brown and beige is drab, but most of all the palm part is too tight. I love my mitts to fit, but this mitt is almost like a bandage :).
I also have to work on my needle transitions, because there are still small ladders between the stitches, held on different needles. I don't have this issue when knitting in only one color.


And I'm not crazy about the thumb. This kind of construction is not quite ergonomic, as the human palm is not constructed like that, with the thumb sticking out of the palm, so there's some pulling and stretching, and the fact, that the mitt is pretty narrow anyway doesn't help.

But fair isle mitts are so cute, that I might try them again in different yarn and color.


  1. BUT: look at your gorgeous tubular cast on and bind off!

  2. The Fair Isle is great and eye-catchy. Good to hear your honest thoughts on this pattern.