Friday, December 14, 2012

Aegean Sea Evening

This week we finally opened one of the two puzzles we ordered from Amazon last month - a gorgeous Santorini view. The picture is so beautiful and colorful, that it was joy and delight to assemble it. However, I should confess that I've been so much engulfed in a Phildar cabled sweater I'm knitting lately, that even this so craved for puzzle could not arrest my attention for long - so while I was knitting away, my husband assembled a solid part of it :)

Puzzle: Aegean Sea Evening by Educa
Pieces: 1500
Time to assemble: 3 days


  1. Сантарини-то моя мечта.очень красивый пазл и быстро же вы его собрали!!!Молодцы!!
    Жду твоего свитера из Phildar )))

  2. It's so awesome. Amazing how the pieces are able to portray such vivid colors and life in that scene.