Saturday, December 22, 2012

Random Thoughts and Pictures

Some sunny winter pictures I took a few days ago in the nearby park.
I know it's mostly because my knee hurts and I can't go on long walks that now I long for a walk in the snow on Vitosha:

I'm glad the world didn't finish today, because I've got just a little bit of knitting to finish and I'll have a whole new sweater to show - my purple Phildar sweater is wet blocking and I'm waiting for it to dry to sew the parts and knit the neck piece. But before I began the Phildar sweater, I intended to knit the yarn into the Point Gammon Pullover, I even had almost finished the first sleeve.

However in the course of knitting the sleeve I grew cold towards the pattern and decided that there was no point in continuing with it. And I do not regret my decision a bit, the Phildar sweater knitted quickly and was a very pleasant project. Actually I even feel a bit ... sad, now that it's almost done. I've spent quite a few hours today in search for my next project, I want to cast on a new wool sweater right away, I even bought the yarn. I've narrowed my choices to two lovely designs, but I'm still not sure, I don't feel exactly excited about knitting either of them and that is definitely a bad sign for a start. Hm.

Or probably I'm a bit sad, because I just finished watching the last of the Murdoch mysteries series and I can't wait for the new season :) At least season five finished promisingly ... :)

OK, I'm off to bed, it's a good hour after midnight. I'm sure I'll dream of Murdoch investigating which would be the best pattern for my new yarn :))))


  1. Фотографии зимы,как всегда.чудесные.Красиво!!!Сразу Пушкин на ум приходи: Мороз и солнце,день чудесный...
    Я жду не дождусь твой свитер из Phildar )))Понимаю тебя,порой бывает сложно что-то новое начать.У меня сейчас такая ситуация,вяжу одну кофту,а к душе она особо не лежит...Надо что-то другое поискать...

  2. Oh, sorry you had to frog that sweater arm. Both patterns are beautiful!