Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cambridge Cardigan

Name: Cambridge Cardigan
Pattern: Cambridge Jacket by Ann Budd
Yarn: Nako Nakolen 700g, 50% wool 50% acrylic
Needle: 4 mm
Time to knit: 2 months

I love all of my modifications, although they definitely change the look of the original jacket.
1) Added k3p2 rib to body and sleeves
2) Deeper shaped neck and folded neckpiece
3) Added button bands and buttons
4) Sleeves are knit entirely following my own design.

Some of you may have guessed that this is the yarn from my failed ribbed sweater. I unraveled it all and reused it to make the cardigan. Of all the 700 g of this cardigan 500 g were knit twice.

Although my husband is modeling the cardigan, it is my Christmas present for my dad.
I hope he'll like it and that it will keep him warm during the upcoming cold months.


  1. Beautiful! I love all the modifications you made - I think they're improvements on the original design. I made this pattern a few years ago for my husband, only to find out he prefers pullovers to cardigans!

  2. Oh man, what an excellent job you've done on your hubbie's cardi. It fits him so well and looks like it's been bought from a high end store.

  3. Красивая кофта.По настоящему мужская!!!Уверена,папе понравится и он будет её носить не снимая))

  4. Oh wow, this is a beautiful cardigan!

  5. It's gorgeous! Looks like your guy could use one too. Love the design elements you added.

  6. This turned out wonderfully! I love the rib pattern over the shoulders! It creates such a neat effect in the design of the garment. I hope your dad LOVES it!

  7. What a lovely present. It's very handsome and it looks really warm :)