Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sweaters Undone

I used to think of myself as a one thing at a time person, but that's what Ravelry, and other knitters' blogs, and knitters discussion boards make to you - I'm a multy-WIP knitter now.

So, today I took stock of my sweaters in progress:

1. A crochet cardi, the fruit of my short summer flirtation with the hook. I should finish this for summer 2012 or unravel and put the yarn into better use.

2. My husband's sweater. It's too fitting and he doesn't like it like that. Two paths ahead - finish it and give it to somebody else (it might fit my father?) or unravel and start over, preferably another pattern (Norah Gaughan's Devon?):

3. A spontaneously cast on stockinette raglan in the Hourglass sweater style and self-striping yarn. I love the yarn and the look so far, but the light beige color in the second skein is much darker (though the color batch is the same) and this bugs me. I plan to go check the yarn store for a matching skein tomorrow:

4. Meanwhile yesterday I cast on this - the back of my Central Park Hoodie. The color and the yarn are yummy, but I might have to buy more yarn, 400 g now seem to be not enough:

So, I believe a small pledge is in order - I will not buy more yarn (other than needed for the above sweaters) and start new big projects (well, I leave the door open for socks, hats and gloves, otherwise I might not keep my pledge :), I'm such a cheater (blushing)), until I clear out one way or the other these WIPs!

For other knitters' work in progress check Tami's Amis WIP Wednesday


  1. Whoa - you made almost the whole back of the Central Park Hoodie yesterday?!?!

    I love all your WIPs! But especially the self-striping Hourglass sweater.

    I used to always have 3 or 4 sweaters going at once, but lately I've been sticking to just one at a time! What's going on?

  2. Everything looks fantastic! You've made so much progress on everything.

  3. I'm definitely a multi-WIP knitter too :)

    Love the look of your current projects, the blue yarn for your CPH is gorgeous!

  4. Wow, that is a lot of sweaters! Such amazing work!

  5. Oh, do finish your first sweater, it's very pretty lacy and will be perfect for spring and summer. Sweaters that are fitted are generally uncomfortable to me, so I tend to see what your husbands thinks about the fitted sweater. LOVE the multi-colored raglan sweater, I'm not seeing that it doesn't match.

  6. With your husband's sweater- which is lovely- I would just find someone who likes vests.
    I love all your projects. They are wonderful, and you have made impressive progress on your CPH in one day! I remember that sweater being very gripping..til i got to the hood. haha

  7. I also have several plus wips going at any time, don't we all? Your's are just lovely and look close to being done!

  8. Wow, that's a lot of sweaters. If DH doesn't like the fit of the sweater I'd frog and rethink the pattern choice. Love the hourglass sweater but I can totally relate to the frustration of trying to match up Noro !

  9. Thank you all for your kind comments!!!
    It was really some powerknit of the back of the CPH, but my wrist hurt a bit the next day :(
    I just came back from a tour around the central city shops with a new skein of the self-striping yarn. It looks matching, we'll see soon enough. Unfortunately, the blue yarn for my CPH has been discontinued (Oh, why, it's so gorgeous!?) My last hope is to find a skein left in an online shop (fingers crossed) or the hoodie will be left hoodless :(
    As for my husband's sweater - I've almost decided to start it over in a new pattern, just looking for the right one.