Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This Sunday we went to the southern part of Vitosha, in the outskirts of the village of Bosnek. We walked along the old cart way to a mineral spring, known as the Live Water. We've been having the most gorgeous autumn this year - long and warm, and on the southern and low parts of the mountain the forest was at its most beautiful - bright and colorful. We took hundreds of pictures (169 to be precise :)

Along the way there was an abundance of hawthorn and blackthorn bushes, ripe with berries. I don't remember ever seeing so many sloes in my life:

The spring of Live Water:

The place we chose to have our picnic:

On the way back the trees were "on fire" from the setting sun:


  1. Как красиво!!!такое буйство красок,дух захватывает.
    А у нас уже все листья опали,серо,сыро(((

  2. The colors are so vibrant there - how beautiful!