Sunday, July 9, 2023

Wine Red Tunic

My latest make - a new tunic for myself. This summer I'm totally into tunics and calf-length yoga pants. 

The pattern is Laundry Day Tunic, with modified kimono sleeves, cut at tunic length. This is actually almost a repeat of another tunic out of small pieces of fabric I made two years ago and still love and wear all summer long.

Last year I made a striped longsleeve and I had a decent piece of fabric left. I had immediately the idea to make it into a mixed solid color and stripes tunic. I even had very small remnants of an ITY in wine red, that matched the striped viscose perfectly, but unfortunately I didn't have enough of it and there was no more in the shop (they actually closed that shop entirely).

However, the idea kept haunting me and I would regularly check for suitable wine colored knit fabric in the shops I frequent, until I recently came upon the perfect ITY match. And I know, it does sound a bit like having a button and buying materials to make a coat to match it, but sometimes this works too :)


Size: XS
Fabric: wine ITY (100% polyester) and striped cotton-viscose knit
Time to make: 2 days

Now, that I made the new tunic, I am constantly juggling ideas in my head for other similar tunics too - I just can't get enough of them, they are so comfy!

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