Saturday, July 29, 2023

Strashnoto ezero 2023

One of our beast hikes this year. We do a few of those, usually in the summer, when the weather is sunny and the high mountains are safe for amateur hikers like us.

Last Friday was probably one of the hottest days this summer, in a line of hot days, and it was noticeable even above the 2000 m altitude. I was so profusely sweating while climbing towards the Yonchevo lake, that it felt more like melting.

Finally, after an hour and a half, we are approaching our first rest stop.
The lake is huge for a high altitude lake and truly beautiful. 


We had some power snacks here and I think it did make a difference for the steep climb to the next lake that followed. I'm starting to dig these small power snacks, even if they are just lots of carbohydrates.
Hike info:

Destination: Strashnoto ezero round route (2451 m)
Mountain: Rila
Total length: 16 km
Elevation gain: 750 m
Total duration (plus picnic and rests): 7 hours
Average difficulty: 7.5 / 10

Me-made items, worn on this hike:

Husband: boxers, Knipmode cargo pants, grey hoodie
I: lingerie, Love Notion's Tunic, Hound's tooth hoodie

The final climb. It is actually easier than it looks and once you are there, among the rocks, the path to follow is clear and well trodden, with just a few rather big rocks to climb, where I had to use all four.

Finally, we are over the ridge and near the lake.
The distinct peaks above the Strashnoto ezero (Scary lake)
The small lake, feeding from the same river
And here it is, our final goal - the Scary lake
There were still patches of snow near the lake and early spring flowers. Seasons are different at this altitude and as always, even on the hottest of days, I had to put my hoodie on near the lake.

We had our lunch break here, on a terrace, overlooking the next of the Prekorechki lakes.
And down we went, by the several Prekorechki lakes, towards Malyovitza hut.



Malyovitza hut and peak Malyovitza
Husband insisted on us taking a shortcut along these stones instead of walking the full circle to Malyovitza hut. For me, this was probably the most difficult of the hike, I am always terrified of breaking a leg while hopping down such rugged stones, but we managed it.

Down by the Malyovitza river, with peak Malyovitza in the distance

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