Friday, July 14, 2023

Orange T-shirt

 A simple T-shirt with some yellow piping for my husband.

The pattern is a Burda longsleeve, which I've made already several times into short-sleeved T-shirts, longsleeves and even a hoodie for husband and son.

I like how the yellow piping freshens up the t-shirt and I am fairly happy with the consistency of the width of the piping.

As is my custom, I finished the inside of the back neckline with a band, made out of the yellow fabric, covering the overlocking.

Size: 48, + 5 cm added length
Fabric: orange heavy viscose knit,  yellow cotton knit with lycra
Mods: lowered front neckline by 2 cm, added + 5 cm body length
Time to make:  in the course of a week

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