Sunday, October 7, 2018

Dolni Pasarel 2018

Our first autumn hike this year - from the village of Dolni Pasarel to Peyova buka hut and back, some 10 km up and down Plana mountain. We did this hike almost exactly four years ago and then we were amazed by the number of various mushrooms we saw on our way. Disappointingly, this year there were almost no mushrooms at all. Not that we would pick and eat them, I'm completely opposed to consuming wild mushrooms because of the rather serious hazards it carries, but the variety we encountered last time had made the hike so interesting.

Anyway, the day was gloriously warm as October days can be sometimes after a cold spell and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. And finally we had Gaby with us, which is always a delight.


  1. Piękne zdjęcia i widoki, dzierganki również... które, bardzo mnie zainspirowały. Dziękuje i serdecznie pozdrawiam. Hal