Monday, October 13, 2014

Plana - Dolni Pasarel

Last Saturday we climbed Plana Mountain again, but this time from the other side of the mountain - the gorge of the river Iskar, which runs between Lozen and Plana mountains. The starting point of our track was the village of Dolni Pasarel, some 27 km from home and the final point - the Peyova Buka Chalet, and back along the same track.

A long Aesculapian snake gave me quite a fright. It was lying on the trail and I though it dead at first and almost stepped on it. Frightened by us, it quickly moved to a nearby tree and began climbing it, while hubby was chasing it with the camera.

This forested part of Plana must the kingdom of mushrooms - there were not only hundreds of mushrooms all the way to the chalet, but dozens of various species too. We almost regretted that we are not experienced in recognizing the edible from the poisonous ones, otherwise we might have had a mushroom soup for dinner.

The hills of Lozen mountain, seen from the slopes of Plana.

The Peyova Buka ( Peyo's Beech-tree) Chalet

A big beech tree, which might be the beech which gave the name to the place and the chalet

Vitosha, on the other side of  Plana, is seen from the ridge of the mountain:

We had our picnic lunch on these birch logs in the middle of a large and sunny meadow:

The enormous Iskar dam lake, seen in the distance:


  1. I do enjoy your hiking posts with your photos that give a feeling of what the area is like.

  2. Glad that snake was harmless. Your husband got some good shots of it. Those colorful mushrooms are like right out of a fairytale. Good for you on playing it safe. One year here in the states, ppl were in the news either sick or dead from picking wild mushrooms.