Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Rila, Strashnoto ezero

A long overdue post about our last summer hike in Rila. On September 22 we hiked along a trail that immediately made it into our Top 10 destinations - a circular trail by some of the most beautiful Rila lakes.

: The trail starts from hotel Malyovitza. We've climbed peak Malyovitza twice, but this time our trail took us in the opposite direction - to Yonchevo lake.

: The day was warm and sunny, one of the last Indian summer days we enjoyed this year.

: The path to Yonchevo lake passes through forests and gradually climbs up.

: There were lots of late blueberries and raspberries along the way, we had a nice berry snack.

: After an hour and 45 min - Yonchevo lake.

: The place was very quiet and beautiful, it could be our final destination one day for a long and nice picnic there. But not this time - we had a quick snack andoff we went further up.

: A memorial plate to Christo Yonchev, an artist, after who the lake was named.

: Yonchevo lake from above as we climbed up the ridge

: A glimpse to the interesting peaks of the Popovokapski ridge

: The tricky part of the trail - up these rocks. It was actually fairly easy, as the day was dry and sunny. In bad weather however these rocks would be slippery and the trail might be truly dangerous.

: As we went higher, we could glimpse other parts of Rila and Pig's lake down in the distance

: And here it is - Strashnoto ezero (the frightful lake) - the final point in our climb. Its turquoise waters and pointy peaks around made for a very scenic view.

: We had a long rest and picnic here, enjoying the day and the scenery

: After we had rested we continued our circular trail down by several other lakes, known as a group - the Prekorechki lakes

: The Needles

: The path back to Malyovitza hut is very steep and long

:And back from Malyovitza hut to Malyovitza hotel by the Malyovitza river we closed the circle. A very notable 7 hours hike in one of the most beautiful places in Rila.


  1. Много красива фото сесия!Впечатлена съм от високите планински зъбери.Страховите са!

  2. What beautiful scenery. That area would be great for a movie.