Sunday, December 31, 2017

Peak Tumba from Planinitza

Our last hiking trip for 2017. The last days of December this year were so nice and sunny, that we just couldn't miss the opportunity for another gulp of fresh air in the open. We've been trying new trails in the otherwise near and known to us mountains and for yesterday we chose the low mountain of Cherna Gora and its summit Tumba. We've been in Cherna Gora at least three times before, but always from the west, from the village of Gigintzi. Yesterday we explored a trail from the opposite direction, from the village of Planinitza and it turned out to be an excellent and easy route to the peak, with marvelous views to the mountains around on all sides. The only downside of the trail - there isn't a good alternative to this route from the Planinitza village, so it was one of those to and back routes along the same track, a total of 13 km.

:The day started a bit cloudy and coldish, with only a couple of degrees above zero C. There was some fresh snow along the tracks
:This region is very mountainous and in every direction there are hills and valleys with villages and towns

:Around noon the clouds cleared and the sky was brilliantly blue - sun in winter is such a joy!
:The northern part of peak Tumba was magnificently covered in frost

: On Tumba, the summit of Cherna Gora mountain (only 1129 m)
: In the distance, covered in snow above the low mountains is Vitosha
: Like a mountain in the sky, the white peaks of Rila, the highest mountain on the Balkans, are high in the clouds
:The fields of Planinitza to the east
: The mountains of Kraishte to the west
:Vitosha in the distance

:The village of Planinitza down the valley

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