Saturday, December 2, 2017

Pastel Stripes

Hooray for socks and sock yarn :) Quick and easy to knit and lots of possibilities to play around with dyes. Only half a year ago I though of sock knitting as pleasant but useless endeavor, for the shops are full of socks and socks are perishable goods, while knitting is for keeps, right? And then in Bulgaria sock yarn, so popular with knitting folks all around, is practically unknown. Knitted socks are still thought of as house slippers and are usually knitted with DK yarn, as I did too with my first socks. This spring I truly discovered socks, knitted with small needles and thin yarn, when I knitted the two pairs with hand dyed Alize Superwash. I started wearing my pair early in October, but Gaby's was untouched.

However, with the fall of the temperatures and the first snow in Sofia Gaby started complaining that her feet were cold in her new autumn booties. I suggested that she put on her green socks and now I have to knit her at least a pair or two more of socks, as she discovered the comfort and warmth of knitted wool socks.

Yesterday I dyed my first real self-striping yarn for her next pair of socks. She chose the colors and even supervised the dyeing until I got the nuances she had in mind.

I don't have a warping board, so to get a large circumference of the skein I used the max length of my DIY niddy-noddy. It's not much - 5.8 m, which equals only 8 rounds of knitting. I had hoped for 9 rounds, 3 of each color, but anyway it's coming up really nicely and the stripes are extremely addictive - now I want to dye more self-striping yarn :)

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  1. You are so crafty. I love the soft colors of this dye job.