вторник, 26 декември 2017 г.

H&M Ribbed Sweater

Finally finished the semi-brioche sweater for Gaby I cast on back in February - in time to add it to her Christmas presents :)
The pattern is mine, loosely based on a picture of an H&M sweater from their 2017 collection. It's boxy and short, with longer back and zippers at the sides.
The yarn is super soft Italian bobbin merino and the sweater is very squishy and soft to the skin - and because of the semi-brioche stitch it is very warm too.

Pattern: H&M Ribber Sweater (personal pattern)
Yarn: Zegna Baruffa Cashwool, 400g, color asphalt
Needle: 4 mm
Time to knit: long :)

Gaby is a fan of the H&M brand and if I'm not mistaken the jeans and the shirt for this photosession are both H&M. When I was preparing the photos for this post I noticed that she had zippers on her jeans legs too, in unison with the zippers on the sides of the sweater :)

The zippers are operational.

Happy girl - happy mother!

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  1. WOW! You put a zipper in her sweater? That's awesome! My 13 year old likes H&M also. I bought her a bunch of clothes from there this Christmas and yes that included two sweaters. I already made her one and now it's time to make myself some.
    Thank you for your sweet comment about my tags and cards. I try my best when I design them. I just love my Distress Inks and Tim Holtz's products.