понеделник, 1 януари 2018 г.

2017 Review

I thought I hadn't done much this year, as I knit only 5 sweaters, but piling up all the scarfs, hats and socks I made too, plus some sewing and all the yarn dyeing, I was actually very productive.

My most favorite FO are those 5 sweaters:
This year I knitted A LOT of hats. Half of them went to friends and relatives as gifts:
I also made scarves, shawls and a snood:
I dyed a lot of yarn, which I put into socks:
And I did some sewing - three jeans bags, which are actively in use, a pettycoat and a wearable dress for Gaby:
We didn't travel so much this year as I would have liked, but we hiked a lot and we climbed 17 mountain peaks. The most memorable:

The mass hike on Strazha :
The two days in Rila to the Seven Rila Lakes and peak Otovitza
Peak Kom in the Balkans:
Peak Malyovitza in Rila:

I was a bit hesitant whether to declare any New Year resolutions or goals, as my last years' seem to be a collection of things I was determined NOT to do in 2016 :)

But still, let me try again:
  • Study Spanish. Instead of finishing the course I totally abandoned it and now I feel I have forgotten everything I had learned. Minimal goal - a lesson per week
  • Organize two and three days hikes with sleep over in mountain huts. Minimal goal - three such hikes (peak Botev in the Balkans, something in Rila, something in Pirin)
  • Travel more abroad. Minimal goal - organize a small excursion to a big European city - plane tickets, accommodation and sight seeing without the help of travel agencies or guides.
  • Knit more from hand-dyed yarn, including bigger projects like sweaters and large shawls. Minimal goal - two sweaters and one big shawl out of yarn, hand-dyed by me.
  • Sew more wearable garments. Minimal goal - a shirt and a dress.
  • Exercise on the cross-trainer. Minimal goal - three times a week, 10 min counts


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  1. You have been very very productive! And I so enjoy your hiking posts, my goal for 2018 to make more time for being at nature and learn how to balance work and life.

  2. What a year you had! I love all of the beanies you've made. I want to steal some of them.

  3. Happy New Year Carmela!

    Wow, I'm dazzled by all the things you've achieved in 2017 - incredibly productive (and everything beautiful as always).

    Those goals are great, I wish you luck!