събота, 27 януари 2018 г.

Dyeing Self-Striping Yarn II

Another experiment with dyeing self-striping yarn - for my husband's socks.
What I did differently this time - I dyed a separate ball for the toes and heels and I wound the yarn in a really long skein, so that one repeat of the stripes is about 13 rows.

I used only three colors for this yarn as I was going for a subtle, more manly combination - jeans (blue and black), light grey (black) and dark red/burgundy (red and black).

What I didn't do right - though I prepared the same dye solution for the jeans color of the big ball and the small ball, I dyed them separately, using different methods (immersion versus painting) and the final resulting colors differ a bit. It's not something to bother me much, but next time I'll know better to dye them simultaneously.

And my second mistake - I should have wound the skein double threaded, so that I would have two identical socks, or at least made sure that I have an even number of repetitions of the stripes. As it is now, the total number of repetitions is 21, so I'll either have to make the socks shorter without the last stripe or distribute the last stripe between the two socks, resulting in some difference in the cuffs. I think I'm inclined to go for the second option.

2 коментара:

  1. I love that soft blue. Your dye experiments are fun to see and read about.

  2. Though I don't work much with color, was always fascinated with self striping yarns! You've done a great job with it - it looks so professionally made!