петък, 10 ноември 2017 г.

Striped Jeans Bag

I sewed a new bag out of old jeans, inspired by a picture on Pinterest. The bag is lined, with recessed zipper, adjustable strap and one inner pocket.

For the back I preserved the seam of the jeans, an old pair of Alex's, which he outgrew quite fast, so it was barely worn out.

The recessed zipper gave me quite a headache, until I found an youtube tutorial and figured it out.

The lining of the bag has reinforced denim bottom:

Some process pictures - the zipper (I replaced later the tab on the zipper with a smaller and more unobtrusive one)

One piece of the lining with the bottom and the pocket

The inner part of the bag:
The bag flat:
The beauty part:

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  1. Great job; it looks fun to use. Oh boy, recessed zipper. That scares me right now. I'm still getting the hang of sewing with a zipper in general. I'm thinking of investing in those Wonder Clips because I don't like how my material layers shift when pinning them together.