неделя, 19 ноември 2017 г.

Bistritza - Simeonovo and back, 2017

Something strange is happening to weather forecasting lately, at least for our region - they seem to get it wrong more and more often :( And as hikers we do rely on forecasts when planning our outings. Thus yesterday it was supposed to rain all day, so we abandoned our plans for a hike, mostly stayed at home and finally went for a short, about an hour walk in the Central park as the forecasted rain never came. Subsequently the forecast for today changed to sunny with clouds, we packed our backpacks and hiked on Vitosha. The day was cloudy, foggy and not only the sun never showed, but in the early afternoon, right after we were back in the car, it began to drizzle!
Anyway, we had a most wonderful hike along the low trails on Vitosha and the fog only made the scenery even more beautiful and majestic.

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