Thursday, November 2, 2017

Knee High Scrappy Socks

I finished these long socks last week and was hoping to take a few modeled pictures of my daughter wearing them for this publication, but alas - the girl is as always too busy, probably even more now in university than when she was in high school.

I had initially planned to cast these top down and make them socks or legwarmers dependent on the length I would be able to squeeze from the yarn. But Gaby insisted on the sock type, so I cast toe-up. My first attempt was to make them identical, knitting from each color until it was finished and then moving to the next. And I also tried to knit them two at a time.

I quickly abandoned the two at a time - I try this method from time to time and always find it frustrating and much more slow than knitting each sock individually. Then when I had knitted the heels of the socks I decided that knitting them in big chunks of color was not so pleasing to the eyes, so I unravelled them back to the toes and decided to knit them in stripes of 9 rows of each color until I had two full repeats of the ten colors and then I distributed the remaining scraps of yarn to both socks to make them equal in size. Now they are exactly long up to the knees.

I'm really pleased with how these turned and knitting them was such joy and pleasure - pure color therapy. I'll be dying and knitting more of these colors again, for sure.


  1. I love projects made with scraps - there is just something so satisfying about making a wearable piece out of leftovers! And it is a great way to experiment with colors!

  2. This color scheme is terrific. I love it. Did you have to make any increases at all for the legs. I haven't knitted knee highs yet. I do have calves.

    1. O, yes, even though my daughter's legs are pretty slim, I increased from 58 to 72 sts, one stitch on either side of the sock in every other stripe.