Sunday, October 22, 2017

Lulin, Dupevitza 2017

Currently we are enjoying a wonderful Indian summer and we couldn't miss our weekend hike for the world :) Even Alex volunteered to join us in this glorious weather.
This week we chose a trail we've hiked already twice before - a climb to peak Dupevitza, the summit of Lulin mountain. The pictures barely convey the beauty of the autumn forests we walked through, it was gorgeous!


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  2. Прекрасна фото сесия!Разглеждайки я, погледът ми се спря на един слънчев тунел,застлан с листа със цвят от светъл кехлибар до тъмно червено.Много,много красиво!

  3. That tunnel of trees would be perfect for a photo shoot.