Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Two-Tone Colorways - New Experiments in Dyeing Wool

My latest colorways in my yarn dyeing experiments - Lollipop and Berries. I used 50 g Alize superwash for each of these dye jobs.

Lollipop was achieved by dipping half of the skein in very diluted yellow wool dye until the solution became transparent (it does! it's like magic how the wool sucks in the dye particles, when there are few of them) and then dipping the second half in very weak red dye solution. Then I fixed the dye in hot water with white vinegar and salt.

For Berries colorway I used the same technology, but instead of wool dyes I dissolved two variants of STEP instant drink (sort of the Bulgarian version of Kool-Aid) - morello cherry (the lighter raspberry color) and red grapes (the bordeaux color).

The sakura tree in our neighborhood is in blossom:

I'm delighted how these dye jobs turned out and I'll probably repeat the raspberry-red colorway in volumes to make a sweater for Gaby, as she loved it.

Meanwhile I'm ready with my light beige cardigan and can't wait for a photo session. But first I have to find decent buttons (I roamed the shops downtown yesterday but nothing appealed to me) and then the weather needs to be sundress-like, as that is what I have in mind for my photos :) So - probably next week, hopefully ...

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  1. Your cardigan is beautiful! Those edgings, wow! Fun dip dyeing you did with those yarns. Can't wait to see how they knit up as a jumper.