събота, 15 април 2017 г.

Chepun, Easter Holidays 2017

We continue our spring hikes through the low mountains near and not so near Sofia. Today it was Chepun - a small mountain of the Balkan chain with its peak of Petrovski cross rising only 1205 m above sea level. We hiked Chepun a few years ago, so this time we tried a new route - we climbed the peak directly up, without a path, fast and furious :) and we went down following the broad and winding path, which leads to the west of the town of Dragoman. The day was warm, with some clouds, we had Gaby to keep us company, the hike was great fun.
We also visited the Dragoman marsh, which lies at the foot of the mountain. The birds, of course, were hiding in the reed, but from the observation tower we managed to see a hawk and a duck.

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