Saturday, April 1, 2017

Lozen, Mt. Polovrak 2017

As the weather is getting warmer and the mountains greener, I'm enjoying our hikes more and more. This year I feel especially sensitive to the beauty spring brings to town - the abundance of flowers, the trees in bloom, the blue skies - all of these just make me happy. Today we roamed through one of the low mountains near Sofia - the Lozen mountain. Though we've been there before, it always feels different and we enjoyed it thoroughly again. It was such a beautiful day - sunny, warm and full of flowers, birds and views. Can't wait for our next hike :)


  1. If you ever visit the US, you would like the Pacific Northwest, like Oregon or Washington, which are very outdoorsy states.
    Thank you for your sweet comments on my jumper. I'm glad the sleeves didn't have a tonal issue when I had knitted them up as that last skein was unknown.

  2. Oh, what a joy it must be to walk in such a beautiful place and feel the nature waking up after a long winter sleep! Wild flowers are just magnificent!