четвъртък, 15 септември 2016 г.

Nis, Serbia

And the second of the Serbian towns we visited - Nis, the third largest town in Serbia, built on the Nisava river.

First we went to the famous Skull Tower - after the defeat of one of Serbians revolts against the Ottoman rule, the Turks decapitated the dead Serbians and made a tower out of the skulls to give a lesson to the other conquered lands. A truly sad story, which resonates with us Bulgarians, as we too were five centuries under the same Barbaric rule and have similar monuments of the Ottoman cruelty.

And downtown

The central square of Nis
The Nisava river

The park cleverly incorporates the ruins of the old Roman fortress and later historical buildings

The University of Nis

Along the central commercial street

A famous sculpture of a Serbian writer and his most well-known character - a hunter and his dog

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