понеделник, 5 септември 2016 г.

Red Ribbed Cardigan

Finally, a month after I finished this cardigan, I managed to organize a photo session of it. I had almost given up the idea of shooting it modelled, as it is meant only for home-wear, but last night husband and I were in the mood for walking in one of Sofia parks and it seemed like an opportunity not to be missed to take a few photos of the cardigan.

I started it in the end of May, planning it as something easy and mindless during the Euro'16 football matches. But it took longer than I anticipated, so I had to abandon it for a while to knit Gaby's blue Miette and then in August I returned to it and finally finished it. Not one of my finest pieces, but for a cotton/acrylic cardi to put on in the afternoons while working or wasting time on the computer it'll do.

Pattern: personal
Yarn: YarnArt Jeans approx. 300 g
Needle: 3 mm
Time to knit: probably a month and a half

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