неделя, 4 септември 2016 г.

Pirin, Mt. Bezbog (2645 м)

Just a few photos from our short trip to Pirin mountain and Mt. Bezbog. We were so sorry we didn't have another day to spend there and hike more and longer hours. But next year we'll make sure to have at least a couple of days off for Pirin, probably the most beautiful of the Bulgarian mountains.

Bezbog hut and lake Bezbog in front

Popovo lake in the distance. The day was a bit cold and cloudy

The path to Mt. Bezbog

The ridge and Mt. Bezbog

On top of the peak. We were in a cloud and just a small window of light 
was visible over Popovo lake. A surreal experience!

At the top - a big cross marks Bezbog (Godless) peak. An irony?

Picnic area alpine style :)

The ridge of Polezhan Mt.

Mt. Polezhan (2850 м)

I live for these views!

And back to Bezbog hut for a cup of hot herbal tea

Along the new highway - so much quicker and safer

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