Saturday, March 5, 2016


Another happy "accident" this week - today's hike on Vitosha from Simeonovo to Zeleznitza. Husband and I had in mind a short trip to the zoo, but Gaby stomped her feet that a visit to the zoo wasn't a real trip and she wanted a mountain hike, so off we went to Simeonovo. We've hiked this route in the opposite direction, but since Simeonovo is in the lower parts of Vitosha, starting from there meant lots of climbing, so today was quite a heavy duty hike. The weather was perfect - cold-ish on some of the slopes of the mountain, where there was still snow, but sunny and windless. In the end we had a perfect hike, so thanks willful teenage daughter :)))


  1. Can I come live with you for awhile so I can go hiking?

    1. Of course, you're welcome! I'm glad hiking is becoming popular in Bulgaria, social networks can be very helpful for organizing people with common interests.

  2. I just adore your family trips!! Happy Women's day to you and your lovely girl!