Monday, January 25, 2016

Colorful Envelopes

Did you know you could make colorful envelopes with paper napkins and some cling film (plastic wrap)? I didn't, until I came upon this youtube video. It was Sunday yesterday and -14C or so in Sofia, so I didn't feel like going out in search of open stationary shops, but I had to try it ... like right now. So I printed several envelope templates on plain white printing paper, dug out a handful of paper napkins and got to work.

When Gaby was little she used to collect colorful paper napkins - most small girls seem to be into collecting. And she still has the four boxes of napkins she gathered through buying and exchanging over the years - so I had plenty of material to choose from.

For one of my envelopes I also used color paper - this one would be perfect for a valentine card.
Now, the process - print and cut the envelope or unglue and open the ready-made envelope. Iron it. If you are using luxury napkins like mine, separate the upper printed layer from the other two white layers and iron the printed layer. Use hot iron without steam. Cut a piece of cling film and place it on the envelope. Place the napkin on top. Iron carefully and slowly. The cling film will melt and glue the napkin to the paper envelope. It's that simple.

Here's how it looks like after the ironing. Cut the excess napkin and cling film and the envelope is ready.

Glue the sides to make it into an envelope and place a greeting card or whatever inside.

Here's another one:

I made several. The one with the blue flower in the middle was made from a simple one-layer kitchen napkin, that works fine too.

This is my favourite, it is the first one I made, using the only factory-made white envelope I had at home.

And these two I made today. When hubby said he had to go to the local post office this morning I couldn't help it but ask him to bring me some white envelopes. Pity I didn't know this trick before Christmas, all of our friends and relatives would have received their Christmas cards in modified themed envelopes :)))


  1. That was a clever activity to find. I never would have thought to make envelopes that way. And what a neat collection your daughter has. She is the first I've heard of collecting printed napkins. What a great way to use up those leftovers.

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