Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Phi Hat

Project Name: The Phi Hat (personal project)
Yarn: Alize Lanagold Solids, 100 g / 240 m
Needle: 3.5 mm rib, 4 mm body
Time to knit: one week (?!)
I knit a new hat for Gaby and I am very pleased with how it turned out. I wanted to make a slouchy hat, that could be worn as a beanie with double brim for greater warmth in cold days. I searched for inspiration on Ravelry, browsing through aran sweaters and one of the cables on Fulmar sweater caught my eye. Later that day I browsed the blog of one of the best designers of accessories - Olga and came upon a hat with a similar cable. It might have been serendipity, or rather - my mind was already working the Fulmar cable and Olga's hat was the nudge I needed.

I sampled the cable, made my calculations and cast on the hat. My first attempt was a bit too tight and I was not sure if the yarn would be sufficient, so I started the hat anew, trying to knit the rib not so tightly and adding one more purl stitch to each cable figure for greater volume around the head.

And that's my Phi hat: worn slouchy ...

or as a beanie with double brim:


  1. What a change in environment! Lovely cabled hat. The color is terrific.

  2. Oh, I love how versatile it turned out! A fitted and slouchy look in one is such a smart idea! Beautiful cables and color!