Saturday, July 11, 2015

Reupholstering The Kitchen Chairs

We reupholstered our four kitchen chairs today. It turned out to be fairly easy, and working the four of us as a team we did the job quite quickly.
The old upholstery was beginning to fray and was soiled beyond laundering. I measured the chair and bought new upholstery fabric. Our kitchen furniture is in yellow and brown, so I wanted to replace the upholstery with yellow fabric again. There wasn't much choice in the shop, but I like the fabric I bought.

Here's how we did it - remove the seat and unstaple the old upholstery.

Position the seat upon the new piece of upholstery, tack it in place using a tacker - first the straight lines, then take care of the corners, cutting off the excess fabric

E voilà - the seat looks like new.

Screw the seat to the frame and the chair is ready. This evening we enjoyed our "new" set of chairs: