Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Peach Jam

My first batch of home-made peach jam for this year. My children (and we the adults too) love jam, so this year I've decided to prepare more jars of home-made jam. One of my favourite and easiest to make - peach jam. My recipe is simple:

1.5 kg of  fresh peaches (approx. 1.2 kg after removing the stone and the peel)
800 g sugar
half a small spoon of citric acid

The peaches for the first batch were of those difficult to peel, so first I blanched them:

Then peeled them, cut them into pieces and covered with sugar. Left the pot in the fridge for the night.

In the morning the sugar had melted and the peaches we swimming in their own juice. I added half a cup (120 g) of water and put the pot on the hotplate. Boiled the peaches for 4-5 minutes, turned the hotplate off and left the mixture stay for 4 hours. The jam was almost ready. I added half a small spoon of citric acid, stirred and boiled the mixture for half an hour. The jam was ready!
While still boiling, I filled the jars and placed them upside down to cool.

Six big peaches equaled 4 small jars of jam. My son could hardly wait for the jars to cool to open one of them and taste the jam. It's yummy! Tonight I'll be preparing the second batch :)


  1. I am always in awe of your talent, Carmela. This peach jam looks so yummy.

  2. Ohh your jam looks delicious!