петък, 26 юли 2013 г.

Jeans Tablet Case

I'm on a roll :)
After the velvet tablet case for my son I made a smaller jeans tablet case for my husband. This time I took notice of the things I didn't like in my first try and made some changes. The size is exactly fitting the size of the tablet, so there's no wobbling inside. The cardboard insertion was a mistake, so I replaced the cardboard with another layer of wadding, but I cut the second layer without seam allowance and stuck it to the jeans sides with double sided fusible tape. I also reinforced the knitted inner side with fusible.

The textiles and zipper I used are again all recycled for the exception of the additional materials such as the fusible, the wadding and the bias tape. I harvested the denim from a pair of Gaby's old jeans (the same I used for my project bag and I still have one more leg to use :))) The black knit and the zipper are from an old top of mine. Hubby asked specifically for the flower inside, as a hidden joke :)

I'm getting better and better with the bias tape! This time I didn't even need basting.

The case from the inside. The seam allowances, covered with the bias tape, create a protective layer from the zipper - something hubby was particularly concerned about.

The small pocket, also harvested from the pair of jeans, is useful for any small gadgets he might want to keep with his tablet - memory cards and the like.

I'm really fond of this case. It's so cozy and soft, even a bit, uh ... huggable:)

6 коментара:

  1. Your tablet case looks great and I love the little pocket!

  2. Wow, it's made beautifully. I like that you reuse material. Have a nice weekend. Regula

  3. It's a lovely case. Sewing is a mystery to me so your work looks extra impressive lol

  4. Very cool how you can make your own case. Clever!

  5. The case looks great with a neat, professional finish. I really like it.