Sunday, March 31, 2013

Project Bag

I had been planning a project bag for some time and today I finally made one, 
following the excellent instructions at Noodlehead.

 The bag is 35 x 30 cm, cotton fabric inside and outside, no fusing, jeans bottom.

It already contains this Drops dress WIP from last summer with my every intention to frog it and turn the yarn into something else. Last night I browsed thoroughly through Gail's tutorial notes on Miette. Turns out she is the same bust size as me and made her cardigan with the same modifications I plan so far, so if my gauge is right I'll just follow in her steps. But even if I have to recalculate here and there, the charts, stitch count spreadsheet and general notes will be of tremendous help. Thank you, Gail !!!


  1. This is real cheerful. What project will you use for it?

    1. Thank you, Kepanie! I just cast on Miette, though the written line by line pattern is giving me a headache :), I so much more prefer charted patterns!

  2. Oh, this is so cute! Don't you just love these bags? I made myself another one the other day ;-)

    Glad those posts from the Miette are helping you out!

  3. Hi! That's so beautiful and happy bag! How did you find exactly the same colours as on your background - or was it the opposite?! x Teje