Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Sara Kelly Jacket

I should probably start with the fact that I don't like shopping at the mall and prefer ordering online. With the accompanying risk that the thing the courier brings may not fit. So, last week thus arrived the Sara Kelly jacket in a gorgeous deep coral color I had ordered for Gaby. She is a size 34 (xs), but there weren't any available in her size and that color, so I ordered a size 36 (s). Unfortunately, the jacket was ENORMOUS, very large at the breasts and with too long and wide sleeves.

It was too big on me too, and I am definitely a 36. I was ready to return it the next day (no problem with that), but it gnawed me, because Gaby does need a spring jacket, now, on the one hand, and there was definitely potential in the design, the workmanship was immaculate and the fabric and color - great.
(The color is really deep coral and not tomato red, as seen on my computer screen).

So, while I lay in bed and thought about returning the jacket it occurred to me, that the construction of the sleeves actually allowed  a fairly easy repair, which would solve all the problems with the fitting. Taking the seam of the sleeves and the side seam of the body 2.5 cm in would raise the too deep armholes by an inch, narrow each sleeve by two inches and narrow the body by 4 inches - perfect.
I found a thread in the exact color, unpicked the lining and  got to work. I cut and resew the fabric and the lining, shortened the sleeves by 7 cm and reassembled everything back as neatly as I could.

It might seem a very trivial repair, but I am very happy with it,
patting myself on the shoulder :)))
Have you ever repaired brand new ready-made clothes?


  1. This doesn't seem trivial to me at all! I can create a garment from a pattern and fabric, but changing an existing garment baffles me, LOL! I'm so glad you were able to fix the fit on this - it's a beautiful jacket!

  2. I wish I had to do just that b/c it would mean I knew how to sew! I would need magic. I'm afraid either my mum or the dry cleaners down the block from her are my tailors. I can only resew on a loose button.
    That is a goddess coral color and it looks perfect on your young lady. She is so chic like her mum.

  3. Цвет обалденный! У меня, кстати, он как раз коралловый :). Переделка замечательная! Мне тоже иногда приходилось что-то перешивать в новой вещи, заказанной через интернет (обычно это уменьшение длины или перестановка пуговиц), и чаще всего эти, переделанные под себя вещи, становятся самыми любимыми!