Monday, March 4, 2013


We've been planning an outing to Kladnitza for a while and yesterday was just the warm and sunny Sunday we've been waiting for. Kladnitza is a village at the southern skirts of Vitosha, some 30 km from home. We left the car at the central square of the village and went up the road to the forest. Soon we reached the river Kladnitza and decided to leave the paved road and to go up the path along the river.

Although it was sunny and really warm (some 6C), soon we began to see patches of snow, and the moss and the fallen branches in the river were covered in ice.

The higher we went, the thicker the snow cover was.

The children actually made a few runs down this slope, using as a tobogan the garbage bag we always carry with us. Our final destination was Selimitza Hut, which is right up this hill. We each had a cup of warm tea and a sandwich there.

And down we went again. For the route down back to the village we chose the paved road, which is  longer and winding, but easier.

The snow covered peaks of Vitosha - such a beautiful scenery. I can never get enough of the mountain :)

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