Thursday, March 21, 2013


Last night I made a new set of bedding for my girl's bed. There's such an extended choice of bedding fabrics for big or small girls - plenty of flowers, hearts, balloons and bright colors. And although, being a Libra, choosing is never easy for me, I picked this colorful cotton fabric without much hesitation.

The bedding consists of a flat sheet, a duvet cover and a pillow case. I know, not much of a seamstress achievement, but it still took me all late afternoon and evening to finish planning, cutting the fabric and sewing the seams. I made all seams covered (closed?), using as reference my old book on sewing - I had to search really long for it, for I hadn't used it in years :)))


Now I'll have to find matching fabric for my boy. I talked to him about choosing it together, but in the end he just told me that he didn't actually care that much about the color of his bedding, I could buy the same fabric as for his sister, if that would be easier for me.
And you know what, I just might do that!


  1. What happy colors! I think sewing bedding is quite an achievement - so much fabric to shift around!

  2. So cool how you made your daughter a bedding set. The print is terrific, happy and fun.