Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bosnek in the Heat

Last autumn we visited Bosnek and found it to be one of the most beautiful places on Vitosha and the route to the Live Water spring - one of the most easy and pleasant paths in the mountain. And while in the autumn it was beautiful with the gold and fiery woods around, today it looked like a garden with its meadows covered with all kinds of wild flowers. Such a lovely place for a refreshing mountain hike, pity it's a bit far from home - at least an hour's drive.

The spring of Live Water, pouring plenty of water in the summer. It's cold and tasty:

The cave of Live Water. We could not find it last time - turned out we passed only 5 m away from it !! However none of us dared to enter into the dark hole :)) The cave is about 7 km long but there's no lighting or other facilities so entering is quite risky and impossible without a flashlight: 

The woods around the mineral spring were lush green this time:

The path runs along the Dobri Dol river, one of Struma's tributaries:

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  1. How fun to visit a place again in a different season. I hope you revisit it in other ones too. What a great collage that would be.