Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Red Bailѐn Top

The last of my red viscose fabric. So far I've shown you two of the items I sewed from my 2.5 m long piece of viscose  - a cropped tied shirt for Gaby and a blouse with ruffles for me. I also made a Burda 6840 sleeveless shirt for Gaby, which actually ate most of the fabric and which I hope to be able to photoshoot soon. And then I was left with literally bits and pieces, some fairly large, so I took out my Bailѐn Top pattern pieces and cut a new Bailѐn top for me. This is my fifth, if I am not mistaken, this pattern has turned into my go-to for utilizing the most of my viscose fabrics.

Alas, I could not place the pattern pieces on the bias, so this top is cut on the straight and it does make a big difference as far as fitting is concerned - the top looks less tailored, longer and more close fitting at the hips. It's just the way viscose plays with the pattern when it is cut along the grain and not along the bias. Still, I had plenty of fabric to cut the bias bands, that finish the neckline and the armholes.

And speaking of armholes, I made such a rookie's mistake, that I can barely believe myself - I skipped stay stitching the armholes after I cut the fabric and now one of my armholes is almost an inch larger than the other! It stretched while I was sewing the bias tape, but I only noticed it after I had completely finished the top. It's not fatal and I'm not going to fix it by undoing all the work on the straps, but I hope it will be a cautionary tale for me never to skip stay stitching!!!!

Pattern: Bailѐn Top by Pauline Alice, free pattern
Size: 34, slightly modified, cut on the grain
Fabric: 100% viscose poplin
Thread: cotton, red
Time to make: 3 days

I did two more modifications of the pattern - one intentional and the other out of necessity. 

The intentional one - I added straight wider straps. My straps are about 2.5 cm wide, sufficient to cover my bra straps (unless I'm moving, then one could glimpse a bra strap at the back, but so what :)

 And the second modification: my back has a seam in the middle, as I didn't have a second big piece of fabric, from which to cut it on the fold. All of my seams are french seams and I used exposed bias tape finishes of the armholes and the neckline (as I believe is according to the pattern instructions).

All in all, I am happy I utilized my scraps and I deem the top perfectly wearable. Out of all the viscose tops I made this spring and summer, my Bailѐn tops are the most worn!

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