Sunday, September 13, 2020

Make That Look: Reserve Blouse


This is the second blouse I sewed out of my big piece of bamboo knit - a smock top, imitation of a RTW Reserve blouse of Gaby's. For the basis of my pattern I used the Easy Smock Top by, a free pattern I've made before. As the pattern is designed for woven and I was using knits, and also as i know the pattern runs rather wide, I reduced the width of the front and the back by 4 cm each and the width of the sleeves by 5 cm each. Then I elongated the sleeves and drafted the sleeve flounces, which are 3/4 circles.

I sewed all the basic seams on the overlocker and for the flounces I applied the rolled hem function - they came out perfect!

I'm also wearing my latest hand-made necklace, designed out of wooden balls and rings on a string with an adjustable length. I was so enthused by the idea, that I made two different versions of these and I hope to be able to photograph the second one soon.

The hem of the Reserve blouse, which was the inspiration for this piece, is also made with a rolled hem, but I prefer the more structured hem with the twin needle. The neckline is also hemmed on the straight machine with two narrow zigzag seams at 1 cm distance and the elastic is inserted in the channel between the zigzag seams.

Pattern: Easy Smock Top, modified
Size: 8-10, heavily reduced
Fabric: bamboo knit
Thread: polyester
Time to make: 2 days

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