Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Seven Rila Lakes 2020

Photos from our, one may say traditional annual hike at the Seven Rila Lakes - probably the most visited national park in Bulgaria. We used to hike there in July / August, but last year we found that the preferable time to visit was actually the end of June, when the weather is already fine, but the crowds of tourists are manageable.
This Saturday we were lucky to have an absolutely glorious sunny day with moderate temperatures and endless visibility in all directions.

:The beginning of the trail at the Seven Rila lakes Hut

: Along the upper trail, with the Dolnoto and Ribnoto lakes behind me

: The huge Sunny meadow and peak Kabul

: At the Bubreka (the Kidney) lake

: The Kidney

: A couple of wild goats, crossing the slopes of the Eye lake
: The Eye

:The views from the Lake peak (2560 m) - the Eye and the Kidney

: Bliznaka (The Twin), Trilistnika (The Trefoil), Ribnoto (The Fish lake) and Dolnoto (the Lower lake)

: The last of the seven lakes - Sulzata (The Tear)

: Crocuses near the Tear lake

: After the Lake peak we continued along the ridge to Razdela - the crossroad of several major trails in Rila

: Razdela

: From Razdela we took the trail along the Green Ridge

: Urdini lakes

: From the Green Ridge we took the trail down by the Haramiyata peak by the Panitzite lakes

: Upper Panitza lake - one of the most beautiful lakes I've seen

:And down by the Haramiyata peak we returned to the valley of the Seven Rila Lakes - the Fish lake

: The whole hike was about 13 km up and down peaks and ridges, a total of five and a half hours of bliss (plus sweat and muscle aches :)

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  1. What an extraordinary lake. Makes me think of a scene from The Shadowhunters series.