Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Men's Shirt Burda 06 2016

Last year I sewed a shirt for my father, using Burda 6874 pattern and I was so proud of my work, until my father measured it. It was small and short. I took his measures properly and this year I made a new one, using another recently bought Burda pattern - shirt #143 from Burda 06 / 2016. This is a short sleeved men's shirt, slightly tailored.

This time I chose size 52 and made the shirt without any modifications. However I skipped some of the bells and whistles, like the split side hems, the shoulder patches and the pocket patches, as I wanted the shirt to have a more formal look.

As my fabric has vertical stripes, I played with the direction of the stripes and cut the yokes, the stand and the color and the patches of the sleeves across the grain, while the body of the shirt is cut along the grain.

I just heard from my father and this time he is very happy with the fit - so it's a success!


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    1. Хубава риза!Да я носи с удоволствие и здраве!