Saturday, June 20, 2020

Aleko - Cherni vruh - Kupena - Aleko, 2020

Today we hiked one of my most favourite circular trails on Vitosha - from Aleko hut up the steep "Wall" to Cherni vruh, then along the plateau to Kupena peak and back to Aleko hut along the high circuit trail. This is the fourth time we hike this particular route and every time I'm amazed how much this part of the mountain looks like a wild flower garden.

: On Cherni vruh (2290 m). After another week of cold and rain, the weather this Saturday was cloudy with some sun, the air was crisp and fresh and we climbed the peak in one breath.

: The plateau with Cherni vruh behind us

:Peak Skoparnika. We've passed this peak several times, but never climbed it, yet.

: Peak Kupena

: For a while the clouds gathered threateningly and we feared rain again, but the wind blew them away. The weather kept windy and a bit chilly, but thankfully no rain

: My favourite lonely pine tree

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