вторник, 24 март 2020 г.

Manastirishte Again, 2020

Because I refer to my blog as a diary, I'm posting a few phone pictures from our last outing just before the complete shutdown of Sofia and the return of winter. We had a nice 7 km walk along the empty trails of Plana and gathered some sun, picnicking on the dry high grasses at the foot of Manastirishte peak.

Sofia is the only European capital, nestled at the foot of five mountains, with a well developed infrastructure of trails  and with the highest percentage of the population, practicing mountain tourism. I might be wrong, but this current lockdown, in which we find ourselves in, with a prohibition to even go to the park individually, not to mention for a walk in the mountains, is utterly nonsensical and I doubt it will last long, before we break free or go crazy.

For now, I'm limiting myself to going through my hiking pictures and working out on the elliptical at home :(

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