Sunday, July 14, 2019

Burda #114 5 2015 Pants

This is the second pair of pants I sewed for Gaby last month. The fabric is natural viscose, very fluid, light and breathing. The pants turned out exactly what she wanted for home - wide enough and comfy for lounging in the warm spring and summer days.

I made a few small mods to the pattern - the waist band has triple elastic and a string. I think I used 12 mm elastic band. For the string openings I installed two small rivets.

 Of course, the pants have pockets - probably the most complicated part of the design.

The cuffs are also with triple elastic. I used narrower elastic band here, I believe it was 8 mm. The triple elastic bands were the new skill I learned with this project and they took me almost a day to finish, but I'm quite pleased with them.

I love the colorful design of the fabric - the tropical birds and flowers have that bright summer vibe I was looking for.

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  1. What a fun print. I can see her wearing this on a tropical island holiday with a tank top and her hair blowing in the breeze.