Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Burda #110 3 2013 Shift Dress

Finally a photo session of me in my new shift dress I sewed for the high school graduation ceremony of Alex. I know, it's not much of a dress, but I was happy to have improved my dress making skills enough so as to be able to wear a dress, a fairly complicated dress, in public.

I've been planning to make this dress ever since the Burda issue came out in 2013. I had bought the fabric for it and everything and then I cut the fabric for another pattern which was a failure and the idea was abandoned. Until June this year. I made a few small tweeks of the pattern  - I left the ribbons out, raised and narrowed the neckline a bit (should try to make it even more narrow next time) and shortened the pattern to fit my height.

The hems of the skirt and the sleeves are done by hand. I bought a cotton lawn in black for the lining of the dress, but in the end decided to leave the dress without lining. The main fabric is cotton which wrinkles a lot and looks a bit dull, it just does not look classy enough to justify the effort of adding a lining, I've decided to regard the dress more like a wearable muslin.

This is my first invisible zipper installed following the priceless instruction in the Copen dress video. After I finished the zipper I noticed that the back was gaping a lot at the neck, so I corrected it with two small darts. Next time I'll try to figure out how to move the darts towards the zipper, so that the neck would fit me without darts.

And a bonus photo of me husband took at the local Lidl - embracing the beans :)

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