Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Bag of Plans

As I promised, here's what was in the bag on the Day 27 picture:

On Day 27 of MMM'13 I was downtown to my favourite yarn shop and while there, I decided to visit the Burda shop. I browsed through the most recent issues of the magazine and my eyes were caught not by the latest 05 / 2013 issue, but by the March issue. The funny thing is that I bought the magazine for a dress in the small sizes (17-21) and only at home discovered that I much prefer a number of other patterns. All in all, a very successful issue, IMHO :), though the presentation of some of the patterns is awful. And it's a pity I don't speak German, but Google translator and daughter could help, I hope (The shop sells only the German language issues of the magazine).

Here are the patterns I fancy most and would like to make:

To the left is the dress in the small sizes, but now I think I prefer the one to the right, if I can find a suitable fabric:

I like the lace blouse (there's a tutorial on making this) and the lace skirt, the pencil skirt is interesting and most of all - the gathered cardigan. I really want it!

There's even a pattern of the long gypsy skirt I plan to make this summer. I'm short and long dresses and skirts do not suit me, but ... I still want one :)

I love everything on this page! The gathered cardigan, the orange shirt - I want this in the same color and fabric:

Here I like the yellow jacket (way out of my sewing league for now) and the pants.

The white dress, but in the shorter version and casual fabric is also interesting:

And I'm glad there's also a boy's shirt pattern:

And of course I also bought some new yarn - combed cotton and thin mercerized cotton. Last year I began Cobalt cardigan by Kim Hargreaves in a very twisted mercerized Egyptian cotton and halfway through the back abandoned the project as the yarn was not fitted for the texture of the cardigan. Actually, I turned the yarn into Gaby's blue cotton cardigan and it was just perfect for it. So this year I decided to give the pattern a second chance with this new yarn and so far I'm loving it, the combination of the two yarns reminds me of cappuccino and for a coffee addict like me that's always a good thing:)
This picture was taken yesterday and today I've doubled my progress. The pattern is not very easy, not very difficult and a bit addictive. To give you an idea - I've finished my Gardenia cardigan and I only have to attach the sleeves. But I just can't put the new project down to finish Gardenia (but I will, as in today!).


  1. Nice picks from the Burda magazine! I liked a lot of the things in that issue too. I have it in English, so if you need any translations, I'd be happy to send them to you!

    1. Oh, and forgot to say - your Cobalt is looking beautiful! That pattern is on my never-ending list of Kim sweaters I want to make!

  2. Love the stitch pattern of your new project. Can't wait to see it take shape.

  3. Great projects to choose from!